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I worked on a project with Richard Douek and a bunch of other talented artists it's called
GUTTER MAGIC  a One-Shot comic by SixGun Comics.

It's sword, sorcery and sixguns in these three interconnected tales of an alternate history where a magic-fueled WWII drove the world to the brink of apocalypse. Now, years later, the city of Meridian has been built on the ruins of old New York. A conclave of powerful wizards rules the city, while men, elves, goblins and all manner of creatures struggle to get by on it's deadly streets.
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Working on a few other things this year, a new book with Mark McKenna and some Vampirella Trading cards. I did book with Lawrence Ditone coming out this year as well...I'll have those updates as I get them.

Still have some room on my commissions list or if you like some art in my gallery that's still around, just contact me.
You can see some new artwork and commissions in my DeviantArt gallery

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