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Last Breath: A comic-book project looking to reach the stars

For those who would like to check out our Kickstarter campaign, you can view it here:

Last Breath is a comic pitting an astronaut against his final gasps of life on the surface of the moon. Is salvation out of reach?

The story

Trapped 238,900 miles from home and wanting nothing more than to be able to take a full breath of air--what would you do? Give up and welcome what is to come beyond this life, or fight until the absolute bitter end?

Last Breath is about a man who has to make that choice.
Hopelessness? The promise of death potentially following each and every breath. Which is his last? And what can he do about it?
With the world being torn apart before his very eyes, astronaut Jason Gustafson has no way to get home, and his oxygen is quickly depleting.
The story is one that speaks of the human spirit, and how the desire to live can push us even when we don't think we can take another step.

The creative team

Sam Eggleston is the writer of Last Breath. He has been a professional award-winning journalist and columnist since 2000 and a full-time freelance writer and editor since 2008. He has been an avid reader of comic books most of his life and has written several scripts for comics slated to publish in the next year. He also edited Mark McKenna's Combat Jacks, which was originally published in 2012.
Jason Baroody is mostly known for his work in the comic book industry. He's had several comics published, AIT/PlanetLar, Image, 5Finity/Moonstone, Sixgun Comics to name a few. He's written several articles and illustrated advertisements for multiple comics related magazines as well as film artwork for Illuminati Pictures. He’s a founding member of TEN TON STUDIOS and once worked and owned a small independent comic book publisher Disgruntled Fanboy Comics. His work can be viewed here.
Josh Oakes is relatively new to the comics industry, but you can't tell from the quality inks he turns in on each and every page. His inking work can be seen in his Deviant Art gallery.
John Hunt has been working in the comics industry as a letterer and a colorist for quite sometime. His credits begin back in 2004 when he worked on Tokyo Pop's "Girls Got Game" and as a letterer includes Marvel Super Heroes Magazine, Combat Jacks, Nurato, Seekers and more. As a colorist, you've seen his work in numerous IDW Star Trek series, the World's Deadliest Sharks graphic novel and Charmed, among others. View some of his work here.


The Human Fly! Debuts at SDCC Small Press, CARTOON FLOPHOUSE booth, K-13.

Hey I have a book coming out at SDCC ,I did an 8 page story in it.

The Human Fly!
Small Press, CARTOON FLOPHOUSE booth, K-13.

It's got a bunch of artists in it. 
 Dean LeCrone, Alex Vallejo, Jarrod Wilson, Ricardo Padilla, Lazy Bones, Don Perlin, Larry Leal, Philip Sithi-Amnuai, Joshua Dysart, Cary W.Coatney, Jake Thomas, Alex Acosta, Allen Milgrom, Jules Rivera, John Heebink, Jason Baroody, Eddy Newell, Mike Wellman, Bob Layton, Luis Calderon, Richard Carradine, Jim Rugg, Gerry Talaoc, Steven Goldmann, Denys Cowan, Stan Yan, Kathryn S Renta, Javier Hernandez, Janice Chiang, Hi De Ho Comics, Mel Smith, Paul Mason, David Markland, Ginger Chen, Rafael Navarro, Keith J. Rainville, Steve Kriozere, Steven Butler, Christopher Sequeira, David Chelsea, Alan Brewer, Jon B. Cooke and Neal Adams.

Whew...that's a whole lotta people.

So if your there try and grab a copy.