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We're trying to raise some funds for this book.

Come join the fun...A new Comic from Mark Mckenna, Tom Raney and Jason Baroody.
Sci Fi meets Horror. Space marines on a new found planet meet Monster Jack O'Lanterns. EC style!

COMBAT JACKS is my new creator-owned project and is being treated as a ONE SHOT sci fi/horror comic in the vein of the old EC WEIRD SCIENCE FANTASY meets VAULT of HORROR books from the 50's. Jack O' Lanterns have always been considered creepy and crafting scary ones with a knife has always been a Halloween mission. Creating a story about living, monsterous Jack O' Lanterns indigenous to another planet seemed like a natural place to go for a fun sci fi/ horror project.

The synopsis of the story started with the idea of a marine squad with high tech weaponry sent to investigate the disappearance of prison terraformers on the new found planet Maia. Because of the abundance of pumpkin-like vegetation on Maia, the planet was deemed habitable by the human race because of the oxygen the plants produced. And there lies the rub... A Venus Fly trap, if you will.

I'm taking a few commission requests at this time or if you'd just like some art in my gallery ,just contact me.
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