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WildPig Con 2010

I and some of my friends will be at this con on May 15th and 16th .

WildPig Comics 50% off sale continues, but now in convention form!

- 60,000 back issues and 2,000 trades at 50% off!
- Dozens of artists sketching throughout the weekend!
- Free raffles on Sat. at 2 PM and Sun. at 1 PM!

We have moved the sale to a 2700 square foot ball room at a nearby Holiday Inn, which means not only will there be plenty of space for shopping, but now more artists will be on hand to sign, sketch, and sell their merchandise.

WHEN: Sat., May 15th from noon to 8 PM, and Sun., May 16th from 10 AM to 5 PM

WHERE: Springfield Holiday Inn on Route 22 West in Springfield, NJ. The hotel is minutes from the old WildPig store. A link to the hotel can be found at our website

Coming this April 2010! 120 pages black and white. Perfect Bound Painted Color Cover by Marcelo Buchelli.

Returning Titles 

Space and Time by Josh Mills, Michael Paoloni, David Marshall with Book Cover by Marcello Buchelli.
The Caerulean Dream by Roho and Kevin Zimmerman with cover by Randy Valiente.
The Null Device by David Marshall.
Flek by Erik Heumiller.
Scientists Gone Wild by Eric Boeker.
Black Fuska by Roho and Dave Myers Inks by Steve Whillhite with cover by Paul Marquis.

New Titles 
The New Kid by Dan Mazur.
The Fallout Parade by Jesse Lonergan.
Frecuency: Breaking The Law of Gravity by David Alluisi and Brian Boyles with cover by Jason Baroody.
Robot 11-Three by Kevin Kilgore with cover by Chris Ring.
Alkhine's Gun Story by Joel Gill.
Driftwood by Morgan Pielli.

Si by Roho and Carl Tsui.
Revolting Developments by MaGnUs and Daniel Puch.
Anomaly by Pablo Guerra and Montealegre.

Tin Cans and a String by Patrick J. Flaherty with illustrations by Furman.

Get yourself a copy!


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