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OUTBOUND Science Fiction Comics Anthology

I'm plugging this book, OUTBOUND has a bunch of my friends in it
there's artwork by Roho, Brett Barkley, Josh Mills, Alexandra Mills, David Newbold & Chris Ring! Issue #1 is out in May. It's 72 pages and only $6.99. So get yourself a copy, I also did a PIN-UP for the book.

For more info ,go to OUTBOUND Science Fiction Comics Anthology

Commissions/Artwork ? Just contact my ART REP for details!

More stuff soon, some updates on a few on-going projects and maybe some other stuffs.



SIGMATESTUDIO.COM, an interview with me.

Stephen of, contacted me after seeing some of my artwork on the web. He asked if i'd like to do an interview for his site. I was flattered and happy to try, I don't get interviewed ever... So i think this is a first.

So if ya wanted to know a few things about me, go check it out. Also read some of the other posts he has, it's a really great site.

Commissions? I got a few spots left, for more INFO, contact my ART REP for details!
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More updates as i get them, and i have some cool ones...soon as i can talk about them.